Gymnastics club Rijeka arrived again in Sokol Centar

August 2020 for Sokol Center Osijek was very active with the arrivals of many well – known faces, and among them are our dear friends from Rijeka, Croatia. This year, as well as last, they wanted to take advantage of excellent training conditions and all the benefits that Sokol Center provides. Gymnastics Club Rijeka from Croatia came to the training with 5 WAG gymnasts of junior age and 5 MAG gymnasts (three seniors and two cadets), accompanied by coaches Diana Lukašić and Miroslav Pavlović. The reason for returning to the same place for training this year was the excellent training conditions that Sokol Center offers which allows greater progress in a very short time.

Coach Diana Lukašić emphasizes the ideal conditions of the Sokol Center.

„We are here for the second time as a Gymnastics Club Rijeka, and I am personally here for the third time considering last year’s DOBRO World Cup Osijek when I was present with two junior gymnasts, Emi Matoščević and Nika Kukuljan Frleta, also Croatian National Gymnastics Junior team members, who are also here now. For us, the conditions of the Sokol Center are ideal and great, the whole package, we really like to come.

Coach Miroslav Pavlović adds about the excellent conditions of the Sokol Center.

We have the opportunity to develop gymnastics in the Republic of Croatia in a good direction. At the moment, we already have three big gymnastics centers, and what I especially like about the hall in Osijek is that it is in the city center and everything is close to get relax  after every day of multiple heavy trainings. This is a great advantage, as well as excellent training conditions in the gym with all the accompanying facilities.

Gymnastics preparations at the Sokol Center will be used to strengthen competition due to the focus on the European Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan, which is planned for December 2020, and for the Croatian competitions also, which will take place according to a customized program due to the current situation caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic. On that issue, coaches Diana Lukašić and Miroslav Pavlović adds more.

Of course, like everyone else, the situation of the global COVID-19 virus pandemic suddenly caught up with us in Rijeka, we haven’t been in any training intensity for more than two months. We tried to motivate ourselves with messages, conversations, written and video recordings of training programs were sent, some gymnasts had mats, weights, improvised exercise trainers and other thing at home, so we managed it in the best possible way given the situation. We entered the hall on May 18, 2020. and tried to reach some optimal form in a relatively short time, and in order to return to competitive form as soon as possible, we chose the Sokol Center as a place of excellent training conditions that allow great progress in a very short time. We hope that the European Championships in Baku will be held according to the plan for which we are preparing our two juniors, Croatian National Gymnastics team members, Emi Matoščević and Nika Kukuljan Frleta and our A senior, Marko Jovičić. Our other gymnasts that are here on preparations will for now remain within the borders of Croatia and compete at Croatian competitions that will be held.“

As for the stay in Osijek, the coaches add.

Although we use most of our time in Osijek for multi-day trainings in the gym because it is our priority, this gym in the city center allows us to find space for a small part of relaxation in the form of walks around the center, swimming and other activities. We like Osijek and we love to come here.

With the mutual satisfaction of the cooperation and the invitation to continue the same, the conversation was brought to an end, which brings with it the fact that the quality of the Sokol Center, with all the benefits, is proven by the gymnasts who returns.