Top gymnastics center

Sokol Centar is a modern, new sports center equipped with top gymnastics apparatuses.
The Center offers accommodation services in modern designed rooms as well as top quality nutrition, all with the aim of providing the highest quality preparation for gymnastic clubs and individuals.



Our gym halls equipped with modern equipment ensure diversity and quality of top gymnastics training.

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We offer accommodation in modern designed rooms along with full board service.

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Robert Seligman

Silver medalist from EC Glasgow (pommel horse)

„It is a wonderful feeling when you have access to highest quality training facilities in your hometown, especially because I always dreamed about exercising and training in a gym like this one. There aren’t many modern and functional gymnastics centres like this one in the world and I have visited some of them, as part of mini-preparations for certain competitions. Now that I have a gym like this “at home”, and even now talking about it, honestly, I get goosebumps. It is something we should cherish and something I want to preserve for these young boys and girls that are training with me and preparing for competitions.“


  • The gymnastics centre in Osijek has numerous advantages which are, we could say, unique in the world. First, the facility combines accommodation with food and high-quality training, i.e. the conditions in the gym which are currently the best in the region. The high quality gymnastics gym is equipped with the most modern apparatuses and equipment from the company Spieth, which has content for supplemental exercises and training, as well as methodology exercises which are currently rare throughout the world.

    Vladimir Mađarević

    Robert Seligman’s coach and the president of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation

  • The construction of the most modern gym in our part of Europe has realised a years-long dream of many gymnasts. We got a gymnastics centre with a lot of content, where everyone can do what they want. I am looking forward to a time when my children will train in a modern gym and when new generations of gymnasts will achieve top results.

    Dunja Lederer

    Head judge for women’s sports gymnastics of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation

  • I am sure everyone will be delighted by the fact that the facility is located in a wonderful park, that it connects something traditional, a beautiful building listed as a cultural monument, and a modern gymnastics gym. The most beautiful thing about it is that it is in our city. Every year the national teams come to the World Gymnastics Cup which they love, and year after year they come back in even greater numbers; I am sure the same thing will happen with Sokol Centar.

    Robert Seligman

    Member of the Croatian national gymnastics team

  • The construction of the gymnastics centre in Osijek is a wonderful thing for everyone, and it is especially great for competitors, because better conditions mean better training, which also means better results. I can say this from my own experience. I hope to get the opportunity to train at the new centre.

    Tjasa Kysselef

    Member of the Slovenian national gymnastics team



    CENTAR SOKOL d.o.o.
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    Osijek – Croatia (Europe)

    T: +385 31 328 729