Gymnasts from Niš came to Osijek preparing for the World Championship

Sokol Centar Vrhunska gimnastička dvorana u Osijeku Gimnastički klub Niš

Open less than a year ago, the top gymnastics center in the heart of the city of Osijek, in a short period time, became a place where not only top Croatian gymnasts train, but also numerous gymnastics teams and clubs from all over the region. This week the guests of the Sokol Centar are members of the Gymnastics Club Niš from neighboring Serbia.

Young female Serbian gymnasts with coach Vladimir Sulic arrived in Osijek early this week. These are seniors Jelena Stamenkovic and Kristina Zivodinovic, who are preparing to compete at the upcoming World Championships in Stuttgart in October later this year.

Jelena and Kristina have ambitions to compete at the most important competition this year a.k.a. World Championship, and which one of them will be part of the women’s national team in Germany will be known at the beginning of October. Immediately after finishing traning camp session at the Sokol Centar, this team travels to Kostolac for control training, followed by qualification which will show who of the two seniors from Niš will join women’s team of the Gymnastic Federation of Serbia for the World Championship.

Our gym hall in Niš is currently being renovated, which is why we decided that now is the best time to come to Osijek to make these extremely important preparations for us. Until now, we often went to the gymnastics center in Sofia, but now we have chosen Osijek and we are really glad about it. The training conditions are perfect, so as the accommodation – here we have everything we need,” said coach Sulic.

Compliments about the Sokol Centar they heard from colleagues from Belgrade.

“Our colleagues from Belgrade had training camp here in Osijek few months ago. They were extremely satisfied with the training conditions at Sokol Centar and because of their recommendation we are here now. Also, our men’s national team spent some time in Sokol Centar – we are all thrilled with it and you will see us here often,” coach Sulic concluded with a smile.