Israeli women’s team for second time in Sokol Center!

After an excellent training camp session last December, the Gymnastics Club HPOAL RAMAT HASRON from Ramat Hsaron (Israel) returned to Osijek and Sokol Center with a team of 3 coaches and 15 gymnasts at the age of 9 up to 14 years. Last year’s visit to Croatia was enough to experience the excellent training  conditions at Sokol Center and they went back again to Osijek for their autumn gymnastics preparations.

Coach Dor Uralevitch is thrilled with the training conditions here in Osijek.

In my opinion, this is certainly one of the best training gym halls in Europe. I have spent time in Italy and Portugal on training camps and I can say this center is in the top rank. Here, our gymnasts have excellent conditions for training and learning new elements and the time they spend in Osijek will surely be a great help in aim to raise the level of their performance.”

The training camp session at the Sokol Center will prepare this team for the Israel Winter Championships, which is going to be held in January next year – this Championship will be the qualifying competition for the European Gymnastics Championships in April 2020 (Paris, France).

We hope for the good results of our gymnasts at the Winter Championships, this competition is extremely important to us. These girls train every day very devotedly and we have high expectations from them. Our coaches are doing great, and the result is the recent success of our gymnast Lihi Raz at the last World Championships in Stuttgart. With a great performance, she made her place in ISR team for Tokyo Olympics next year! ”

The very end of the conversation ended in the praise of Osijek.

Osijek is an amazing city, everything is close and it suits us perfectly. The people of Osijek are very nice and kind, everywhere we are greeted with a smile and the question of how they can help us. The weather is great, by the way, and we love to spend our free time in sightseeing. Best of all, we have a top gymnastics training hall here and I hope we will return to the Sokol Centar very soon!”, the coach Uralevitch finished the conversation with a smile.