Coach Vilem Kocian: I really like Sokol Center

The familiar faces of dear guests from the Czech Republic returned to Sokol Center Osijek this year as well, who were delighted with their first stay last year and the excellent conditions provided by Sokol Center. Gymnastics club TJ Sokol Kolin from the Czech Republic, led by coach Vilem Kocian, came to the training sessions with 4 young gymnasts, promising cadets and juniors, from whom a lot is expected in the years to come. Enthusiasm for last year’s stay and excellent training conditions at the Sokol Center were a great motive for coming to the same place for top gymnastics preparations this year as well.

Coach Vilem Kocian does not hide his enthusiasm for the Sokol Center.

“We definitely like the overall climate that surrounds the Sokol Center. The hall is great for us to perform all the trainings we have imagined, and the excellent air conditioning of the hall itself contributes a lot, which means quite much, especially in these hot summer days. Also, the combination of everything you need at the same place for top trainings (meals, accommodation and training halls) is what makes Sokol Center special. ”

Training sessions at the Sokol Center will be used to strengthen the competitive form due to the focus on the upcoming competition season, which will take place according to a customized program due to the current situation caused by the global pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. The main and most important upcoming competition in the Czech Republic is the one in October, which also will be a qualifying competition for the European Junior Championships, Baku, Azerbaijan.

“Like everyone else, the club’s closed doors to us in the Czech Republic for three months due to the global Covid-19 virus pandemic disrupted all plans and training sessions, so now, after reopening, we want to use everything at our disposal, including arrival to Sokol Center in order to get better form for the qualifying competition for the European Junior Championships in Baku. “

Great hopes of going to the European Junior Championships are placed in the young gymnast František Marghold, who also has words of praise for Sokol Center, and for the city of Osijek too.

“This is my second time here for the training sessions and I really like Sokol Center. Training here helps a lot in preparing for future challenges, and for me personally at the moment it is a qualifying competition for the European Junior Championships in Baku. After hard morning and afternoon trainings on daily basis, our team likes to relax with a light walk around your beautiful city of Osijek with a mandatory stop for ice cream in the city center. “

The end of the conversation was concluded with the smiles of a team members from the Czech Republic with agreements on the possible arrival of this team in the future. Exactly, the best indicator of all the benefits that Sokol Center provides are gymnasts who returns.