Osijek welcomes another team from Israel

The new year 2020 at Sokol Centar Osijek started off great, with the continuation of wonderful cooperation and the visit of dear guests from Israel as the fifth team to visit the Sokol Centar from that country. The Gilgulim Gymnastics Club from Karmiel, a small town in northern Israel, came to train with 2 coaches, 10 female and 8 male gymnasts at the  age of 9 up to 15. The recommendations of their colleagues who had previously visited the Sokol Centar were a great motive to come and see for themselves the excellent training conditions here in Osijek.

Coaches Tal Ronen-Paz and Yaroslav Menzon have only words of praise about Sokol Centar.

„The gym hall is perfect, everything is new. Always neat and clean. It was great for everything we had planned to do within our preparations. A tremendous experience for us coaches as well as for our gymnasts. We express a great praise for the organization and arrange of everything in one place. The food, the rooms, the training halls, they all are in the same place, which is a great idea because there is no need to travel to different places to have food or sleep, which saves time and gives a focus on what matters the most, our preparation.“

The training sessions at the Sokol Centar are designed and set up as a preparation for the upcoming competitive season in Israel, which begins in early March, and the first competition will be held at a sports center near the main gymnastics hall in Tel Aviv.

„For our gymnasts, we always want the success, passing to the finals and getting the first places. But what is more important than winning medals is continuity, persistence and dedication, and then, the results will come. We want to keep our young gymnasts in this sport for as long as possible, we want to keep them in a healthy environment. In Israel, there is also a growing interest in gymnastics, and as coaches we will do our best to promote gymnastics in the best possible way.”

At the end of conversation, coaches mention more about their stay in Osijek and continued with words of praise and passing on recommendations.

„Winter limited us a little in our movement and exploring the city of Osijek more, but we were to the main square an also to the old town. Osijek is beautiful and people are lovely. Our gymnasts were delighted with visiting and ice skating at Sokol Centar ice skating rink which is right next to the gymnastics center. Really another great idea of sports activity near center during winter time. We will definitely recommend your excellent gymnastics center to all our colleagues and acquaintances, and we wish to visit your center again in the future.“

With kind words and smiles from coaches Tal Ronen-Paz and Yaroslav Menzon, the conversation ended with an invitation for further cooperation on mutual satisfaction.