Seligman: In my mind, I’m already in Stuttgart

Sokol Centar Vrhunska gimnastička dvorana u Osijeku Seligman

After winning gold medal at the 11th edition of the DOBRO World Cup this May in Osijek/Croatia, Robert Seligman faces new challenges – continuation of competition season brings the biggest test of this year, and it is the appearance at the World Championships in Stuttgart in early October through which he will , if he ends up in the Finals, achieve his the greatest sport goal – going to the Olympics next year in Tokyo.

Thanks to a change of FIG Rules, from this year’s, place in the Finals of the World Championship brings a “ticket” to attend the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. It is a dream of all athletes, and gymnasts are certainly no exception. The fact that specialists on individual apparatuses, especially when they come from small countries like Croatia, have almost a minimal chance of attending the Games, is enough to confirm how important it is for Seligman to compete in Stuttgart.

“This season didn’t start as I planned. After winning silver medals at the Mediterranean Games and the European Championshis last year, which is also my best result in career, tiredness has come. The result was not too good at the beginning of this year, the nervousness worked its way and it didn’t go right. Fortunately, it all worked out in Osijek when I won the gold medal in front of my home crowd. That was my week, for sure! It’s been 3 months since the DOBRO World Cup ended, and emotions still flood me today when I think of that Finale and winning gold. I am aware that I am 33 years old and winning gold in my home town is my great wish from the very beginning of WCC Osijek in 2009,” Seligman is honest.

For Robert, the best thing of all at this moment is having top gym hall right here in his home town. Top training venue Sokol Centar Osijek is the place where Seligman starts and ends his days.

“Having this facility here in Osijek was dream of ours for a long, long time. Being able to train every day in this gym, motivates me more than anything! Besides that, lately we have more and more gymnastics teams and club from aboard having here in Sokol Centar training camp sessions – everybody loves to come here because within one facility we have a top gym hall and modern rooms where our guests are accommodated. Wherever I go with my coaches, it is important for me to have the best possible working conditions, because only then can I maximize my focus on what matters the most – and it is training. That is why it is important that we at Sokol Centar provide our colleagues who come from other clubs and national teams with the best working conditions, and I believe that we succeed in that so far.” said Seligman.

Intense continuation of the season awaits another senior of Gymnastics Club Osijek – Žito, young gymnasts Aurel Benović, who won bronze medal on floor recently on the WCC Koper (Slovenia).

“By the end of the season, three WCC competitions are awaiting for me – Mersin, Szombathely and Guimaraes. I’m in good shape and can’t wait to get started. These are certainly new challenges for me – I hope to do the exercise from start to finish without too many mistakes and take at least one medal this fall. The next big goal is to win the place of A candidate in the national team and join Seligman and Srbić at the World Championship in Germany.”

And the World Championship, qualification competition for the Olympics 2020., is all that Seligman thinks about.

I have been thinking about Germany for months now, that is why there were so many mistakes at the beginning of the year and I couldn’t calm down myself enough and perform well in the first part of the season. After Osijek, everything is much better, I am ready and with great eagerness I am waiting to go to Stuttgart. Soon, I’m heading for Szombathely with my team colleague Aurel Benovic and coach Mađarevic, where I will have the real test of form in competitive conditions, and I hope that what I will show in Hungary will only be an overture for the World Championship. In Stuttgart, the most important thing will be to remain calm because the form and strength of the exercise are (already) there,” concluded Robert at the end of the interview.