Young gymnasts from the Czech Republic thrilled with the Sokol Centar

Sokol Centar Gimnastičari iz Češke

Osijek’s top gymnastics center in a very short period of time has become a place of organizing training camp sessions for domestic and international gymnastics teams, and both coaches and gymnasts are extremely delighted with the conditions here in City of Osijek / Croatia. So, after the women’s Hungarian Gymnastics Federation team and young gymnasts from Serbia, Sokol Center was also tried by Czech gymnasts.

We heard about the Sokol Centar from colleagues at ATON. We are extremely pleased with the accommodation and the gym hall, so far we have no objections and at this point I cannot single out anything that we would add or change. We took the opportunity to visit Osijek itself – we really like the city, it is a great combination of history, culture and natural beauties,” said coach Vilem Kocian with a smile.

Coach Kocian arrived in Osijek, accompanied by 6 young Czech gymnasts, who are candidates for the Junior European Championship in Baku (AZE) next year. Jan Vachutka, Milan Neshyba, František Margold, Dan Bago, Sebastian Adamus and Štepan Volg arrived in Croatia last Sunday and will stay in Osijek for a week.

Coach Kocian believes in this young six.

We will use this training camp session at Sokol Center to strengthen the form – everything that happens in the gym hall from now until the competition in Baku will be extremely important for this young gymnastics team. These are promising cadets and juniors and we expect a lot from them in the years to come.”

The director of Sokol Centar, Vladimir Madjarevic, is also the coach of Robert Seligman and the vicepresident of the Croatian Gymnastics Federation, as well as the sports director of FIG World Challenge Cup Osijek. He used his many years of coaching experience to create the top training conditions at the Sokol Centar that many coaches and gymnasts have already experienced.

“The gymnastics centre in Osijek has numerous advantages which are, we could say, unique in the world. First, the facility combines accommodation with food and high-quality training, i.e. the conditions in the gym which are currently the best in the region. The high quality gymnastics gym is equipped with the most modern apparatuses and equipment from the company Spieth, which has content for supplemental exercises and training. We are delighted to be able to offer our colleagues the best training conditions in Osijek, and after their camp sessions, here at the Sokol Centar, they go to their clubs more prepared to compete in competitions around the world.”