Hungarian women team having training camp at Sokol Center Osijek

Sokol Centar trening gimnastičarke

Sokol Center Osijek this week is the site of training camp of the Hungarian women’s team. Osijek and its top gymnastics center have been selected as the location for their training camp after seeing the center this May during World Challenge Cup Osijek.

“Osijek is beautiful city and the whole team feels great here. You can find top quality gymnastics halls all over Europe and around the world, but the most important thing for us is to have all the essentials in one place, which is exactly what we have here in Osijek. At the same location is a great gym and quality accommodation, and for us this is extremely important at this time,” said coach Imre Draskoczy, not hiding his pleasure for being in Osijek quickly again after attending World Challenge Cup Osijek in May.

Six female gymnasts and 4 coaches came to Osijek: Noemi Makra, Sara Peter, Nora Feher, Bianka Schermann, Csenge Bacskay and Zoja Szekely with their coaches. There will be staying in Sokol Centar for a week.

“Going away from home for a training camp can be very challenging, especially for young gymnasts. That’s why we prefer to go for training sessions to the countries in the region, and the Sokol Center is only a few hours drive from Budapest. At the last edition of World Challenge Cup Osijek this year in May, we had an orientational meeting at the Sokol Center Osijek – at that time we had the opportunity to visit the whole facility, see the gym hall and accommodation. There are several great advantages to the gym, for example, here we have vaulting table with landing on elevating hydraulic platform which is not common thing to have in gym halls (even in the best ones) and we really use it a lot in our training process. Also, Osijek is a wonderful city that we have get to know, very well, thanks to participation on World Challenge Cup Osijek, and we will surely come again to Sokol Centar,” said coach Draskoczy at the end of the conversation.